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  1. DrewRN28

    Admission Paperwork

    I was wondering if anyone knew the legal background on admitting a patient to home services. I was informed by some members in my company that missing discharge paperwork from their recent hospital stay, does not exclude an RN from performing an admission or resumption of care. Isn't this an unsafe means of practice? I can't find any documentation supporting this but curious on the ethics? Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. When I applied, BC did not need the GRE.
  3. DrewRN28

    Simmons Online vs. BC

    Thank you, this does help a lot. I know Simmons is a faster program and that's a plus but BC also guarantees preceptors. Has any of you heard of any poor reviews on preceptors from either school?
  4. DrewRN28

    Simmons Online vs. BC

    Hey guys, I'm new to here but thought I'll post a discussion on any thoughts of Family Nurse Practitioner Programs, especially on-campus vs. online. I've been accepted into Boston College and Nursing@Simmons online, both part-time, and curious if anyone heard any preferences over the other? As a working RN, I want to make sure I don't spill my money into a school where it'll be harder to find a job post-graduation. Any input helps, thank you!