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  1. alyssafaye

    ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    There are 3-4 teachers retiring this semester and so the the 4th semester instructors will be filling those spots from what I’ve heard.
  2. alyssafaye

    ARC Fall 2020 Lottery

    ARC is having their 1-3rd semester students repeat In Fall 2020. They just sent out an email today. I’m not sure what this means for you. 4th semester is graduating which means there is one whole semester of faculty, so maybe they will make adjustments. I am not sure.
  3. Hey there! I am trying to apply for the Summer 2018 cohort. Im wondering if anyone has applied? I also wanted a spot where others who are applying could talk about the application process!
  4. alyssafaye

    Azusa Pacific University 2+2 BSN program

    Hey there? When did you submit you get all of your required paperwork in? I applied back in August but I haven't gotten my recommendation form in.... just wondering what my chances are here.
  5. alyssafaye

    CSU Fresno Nursing Program Fall 2017

    @cassieloveee denied by the nursing school.
  6. alyssafaye

    CSU Fresno Nursing Program Fall 2017

    Hey Everyone! I got the email about Phase 1 and 2. However I was denied admission before even getting into Phase 2. So if you are going into Phase 2, that is a VERY GOOD SIGN! Take advantage! Good luck to everyone!