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  1. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Just added the group on FB. Thank you Lauren for taking the initiative and starting a group! I applied with 76 for the LVN to ADN Advanced Placement Program and got asked to provide supporting documents.
  2. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Thanks for the clarification. It just says, "Application Status: ACTIVEACTIVE05/08/2017 16:37:30" maybe it just needs to be reviewed still?
  3. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Yup, it's official. MJC hates me. hahahaha I'm literally pulling my hair out thinking that it's going to change every time I log out and back into the website. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong page? idk. lol arggghhh!!!
  4. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Did you apply for MJC or Columbia? and Congrats everyone!!! I'm still waiting for the summary to change.. I have 76 points tho.. ):
  5. Modesto Junior College ADN App '17/'18

    So did anyone else checked their summaries for the applications?
  6. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    yeah, it's just telling me. "If selected, you will be asked to provide the required documentation listed below."
  7. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Did anyone else hear anything? I'm guessing 76 points for the Advanced Placement category didn't make the cut? I'm still waiting until midnight to see if I receive that email..
  8. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Are any of you applying for the Advanced Placement pathway?
  9. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Hey guys, just received an email from my counselor. So supposedly an email will be sent to those on the 8th that have been chosen to turn in supporting documents. Also, I heard that a friend of mine who also applied for the ADN program spoke to a cou...
  10. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    MJC campus for sure. I live in Stockton so that drive to Columbia would be a crazy hassle lol
  11. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Hey everyone, I'm applying for the LVN to ADN Advance Placement pathway with 76 points. I scored 80 on the TEAS that I took in Jan. I really hope we all get in. I recently took the Nurse Transition course last semester and we talked about last years ...