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    Considering Cardiac

    Just over a year ago I started as a new grad nurse on a very acute & busy med-surg floor which was also the cardiac/telemetry floor for the hospital. I ended up quitting on the 12th week of orientation. I felt extremely anxious all the time, depressed, afraid to talk to providers, and felt like I did not know what I was doing most of the time, and did not feel like I was properly managing patients symptoms due to fear of providers acting like jerks. I since went to work at a nursing home in long term care and skilled nursing for a year now. I now feel much more comfortable in my role as a nurse, and not as afraid to speak to providers, however I am getting very bored of the job and feel like I just monitor when people go to the bathroom and supervise staff. I am considering trying the hospital again to gain skills. I do not want to try medsurg again, but I am considering ortho or cardiac. I am specifically thinking of applying to a cardiac-telemetry floor at a different hospital that I have connections at. Any tips? Should I make this career move now?