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  1. djj2018

    Jeff State Spring 2018

    Hi guys. Can the applications be faxed, emailed, or mailed? Or do I need to submit it in person. Thanks!
  2. djj2018

    Gadsden state community college

    Hello. I recently applied to the night program. I went to a pre-nursing advisement session and they gave us a little info about the time. Usually class would be M-Th 6pm-10pm then clinical on Sat and Sun. Have you already applied?
  3. Hi. If you don't mind, could you tell me how many points you had for Gadsden? I have applied for the night program there but only with 38 points. Thanks and congrats on being accepted into Bevill.
  4. Thanks for the information on the days and times. That's very helpful. Seems like it's gonna be a busy schedule. Is there no entrance exam? Like HESI or TEAS? I hope I get in. Good luck!!
  5. Thanks but I haven't been accepted yet. lol. But good luck on reapplying. I'm sure you'll do well!
  6. I am applying to the night program as well. I need a little more information too. Like the times/how many semesters/etc.

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