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  1. Labor and Delivery Nurses experiences

    I've been in labor and delivery for 3 months and I must say it is quite challenging in many different ways. I am currently torn between continuing what I thought was my passion or pursuing other avenues such as oncology/hematology infusion nursing.
  2. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Update: quick results are in and I passed! PVT good pop was right! Rosey Gibbs RN
  3. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    I will! Does anyone know if they'll do quick results on a Sunday? Well PN or RN you are a hero too!
  4. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Same! I remember a few questions, but there is no way to describe it.. Thanks for your support! Great job!RN
  5. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Yes I did the PVT too and got the good pop up.. but I'm still nervous because I did not feel good when I walked out of the testing center. I hope that I can at least get the quick results tomorrow even though its a Sunday.. 😕
  6. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Did you do the Pearson Vue Trick?
  7. Took the NCLEX I think I failed!

    Good Morning I've heard of people getting the bad pop up and it being wrong so I would just wait.... I took the NCLEX yesterday as well and felt sick the whole time. When the exam shut off at 60 I was so scared that I would be the one to fail in 60 ...

    What happens after I am accepted into the program? Upon notification of acceptance, students must indicate via email by the stated deadline (in the acceptance email) their intention to enroll or their position will be given to the next eligible alter...
  9. OHSU 2018 Waitlist // Alternate List

    Girl! When do you have to choose by?! You're crazylol
  10. OHSU BSN Fall 2018

    My friend was a "highly likely" alternate at Portland BSN program and she got THE call yesterday. Sounds like they're working on it :)
  11. PCC/MHCC/CCC Portland Fall 2018

    I was an alternate and withdrew my spot in the pool so good luck!
  12. PCC/MHCC/CCC Portland Fall 2018

    I'm going to Mhcc orientation in scrubs because I'll be just getting off work
  13. PCC/MHCC/CCC Portland Fall 2018

    Congrats see you at orientation
  14. MHCC/PCC Fall 2018/Winter 2019

    Haven't even read it again and now I won't lol. But yes may please get here!
  15. OHSU BSN Fall 2018

    My interview is on Thursday for the Portland Campus! I'm very nervous but excited