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  1. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hey! I agree unsafe ratios are a normalized part of healthcare, but it doesn’t make it acceptable. Please direct your passive aggressive energy towards a worthy cause like addressing unsafe staffing. We get systemic issues like unsafe staffing, a “nurses eat their young” culture, or racial discrimination because it’s normalized. “This is how it’s always been done, get over it.” That’s unacceptable. You don’t make change that way. Your profile pic is of a man, which is only fitting that you’re questioning the legitimacy of my experience. I want you to do some self reflection tonight on why you jumped to that conclusion. Ask yourself, “if someone I knew wanted to disclose information regarding sexual harassment/abuse/assault to me, and they saw me immediately jumping to the conclusion that people cry sexual harassment when things aren’t going their way, would they still trust me?” Ponder on that. Really mill it over. Sleep on it. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle sexual violence (and unsafe staffing ratios). I want to see a 10-page paper on my desk tomorrow over the nuances of being a woman in an overtly fetishized, female-dominated profession. Really explore the themes of capitalism and classism. Remember 30% of your class grade rides on this paper, not to mention you having to earn the trust back of every woman in your life. Please do not turn in some crap at 11:59pm. I will know.
  2. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hi! Please keep in mind that these contracts are normalized in nursing now. In most metropolitan areas your only option for a job out of nursing school is a residency program. Many new grads like myself don't realize they need a lawyer (because these contracts are so seemingly "standard"), let alone could afford one. I tried having a lawyer look at my contract after I got into this mess, and they quoted me $750 just to look at it. Not to offer legal advice, not to help me revise it. Just "look" at it. That's a steep price for the young, naive, and broke crowd. I don't agree with the credit card analogy. Spending past your means is a reckless and irresponsible move. I did all of the things a responsible employee does to address workplace concerns over the course of my position. I arranged meetings with my manager, attended council meetings, I took care of myself as best I could outside of work to bring my best self to work to care for the patients. All of the things I experienced were within my manager's means to address, they just chose not to. You shouldn't accept that treatment, so I didn't. I know my worth as a nurse and a human. I know that I need to prioritize myself. At the end of the day: this is a job. Hospitals love to paint this all up as a "calling" and how we're "heroes," but nursing is how I pay my bills. I just want to work in an environment that is free from sexual harassment and has safe working conditions. That is a reasonable expectation from your employer.
  3. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hi! I don't agree with my experiences of sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions being belittled to missing payments on a car or house. I didn't just stop showing up for work. I didn't stop providing excellent care. My job performance was never an issue. I had multiple meeting with my manager over a six month span in my attempts to amend these issues. Note: MY attempt. It was a one-sided effort. You wouldn't accept that treatment from anyone (a partner, a friend, a co-worker) in which you repeatedly informed them of a problem that was within their means to address, and they chose to do nothing. I also signed a contract naively thinking the hospital had a responsibility to create safe working conditions and address sexual harassment. I understand how a contract works, and how they are ultimately upheld. However, it was still wrong what they did.
  4. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hi! Your comment, "Don't sign a contract then," is unnecessary and unhelpful to my post. It was clearly meant to be snarky and condescending. Please explore why you felt the need to comment that. I also wouldn't call them "things I disagreed with," my hospital. I'd call it flagrant dismissal of sexual harassment, unsafe ratios (I just got this dang license, and I'm not risking losing it), and just overall disregard for the safety of their employees. I didn't feel the need to disclose that information at first, but clearly we have different definitions of unacceptable conditions and I felt the need to make that distinction. New grad contracts are very common. In fact, all of the major hospital systems in my area have these new grad programs with these contracts. When they all have a contract with a penalty for leaving, it is normalized and not questioned. New grads like myself are naive, desperate for a job, and broke. That's why I call these contracts predatory. I knew it was a two year contract, and thought I could stick it out anywhere for two years. I had worked all sorts of terrible jobs with terrible bosses, how bad could it be? But two years of those conditions is unbearable, and I made the responsible decision to leave. I also want to comment on this number hospitals keep throwing around to maintain that it costs so much money to train a new grad. Sure, I had a preceptor so that costs extra labor money. At the extra $27/hr for my preceptor and I to work one nurse's assignment for twelve weeks of orientation, that's still only roughly $12,000. I also orientated at the same time another nurse transferred from another hospital's medical-surgical unit, and they had a twelve week orientation as well. So it costs the same to train a new grad and an experienced nurse in that regard. I attended monthly 1 hour classes with some rudimentary information on pressure ulcers or strokes in a hospital meeting room. The unit educator checked in with me for about 10 minutes once every couple of weeks. Where are these numbers coming from? I just don't believe it when they toss around that $100,000 number. I gleaned from your comment that you were hoping to give me a lesson or some advice for the future. I want to return the favor, and give you some general human-to-human conversation advice. First, have empathy for others. I didn't think I would need to say that on a nursing forum. Secondly, you had nothing to offer me in regards to my request for stories. You just chastised me, and belittled my experience. If you have nothing helpful to say, don't say it. If you feel the need to respond defensively to this, please note: you are a stranger on the internet to me. I'm a stranger to you. What you say will not keep me up at night. I am at peace with my decision to end my contract early. I know I made the responsible decision. Peace be with you. I hope you find whatever you are looking for when trolling these forums.
  5. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hi! It was not a sign-on bonus. I received no bonus. It’s just a penalty for leaving.
  6. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Predatory New Grad Contracts

    Hey, y'all! I am compiling stories from folks who have broken predatory new graduate contracts, and have faced financial and career consequences as a result (I'm looking at you, HCA). The hospitals have held all the power in these dealings, and it's time we receive justice. Many of us have struggled and worked hard to provide excellent care for our patients under dire staffing and resources, only to receive backlash when we decide it's time to leave these unsafe conditions. I want to help tell our stories and prevent this disgusting practice to end. Here is my story: I recently left a position at an HCA facility before my new grad contract was up (I had completed 3/4 of the two years), and I now owe them thousands of dollars. The unit I worked on was chronically understaffed, overworked, and underpaid. I continued to work hard and try to boost morale despite the daily strife. I volunteered to work in the COVID units back in April 2020 when little was known about the disease, and how to protect ourselves from it. Then my home unit was also turned into a PCU COVID unit, where I spent many of my shifts until I left in December 2020. My mental health had been deteriorating as a result of the stress and exhaustion. I had many conversations with my manager about the unacceptable conditions, and how it was affecting my mental health. No attempts were made to remedy the unit's situation. I told my manager I was accepting another position to take better care of myself. I am now being harassed by their collections agency, Benefit Recovery Group, to pay up the money I owe for the "Residency Program," (aka a three month orientation similar to what an experienced nurse would receive if they were changing unit specialties). I don't believe I should be penalized for leaving unsafe working conditions after I had made multiple reports. I also cited my health as a reason for leaving, and it's only ironic that a hospital would come after an employee for prioritizing their health. Attempts at contacting HR and my previous manager have been futile. I am now frustrated, angry, and hungry for justice for myself and others who have been wronged by hospitals. Please message me if you want to share your story. I will respect your need for anonymity if that is what your wish. Thank you for your time.
  7. CreamCheeseRangoons

    Seton Austin residency summer 2019 cohort

    Hey! I just applied for a few positions. I'm not sure if I will attend the Open House, because I'm in Houston and it's during class. Do y'all know how long it usually takes to hear back?
  8. CreamCheeseRangoons

    CHI St. Luke's Houston Student Nurse Externship 2017

    Just the on boarding, background recheck, and the Quest stuff! I emailed HR awhile back to make sure they had gotten all my immunization records and my Quest lab stuff, but no answer. They did say that an email about orientation was going to be sent out early this week, but I haven't gotten anything!