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  1. RNinthemaking17

    LPN to Rn

    I do know someone who attended Snead. She loved it. She did mention back then about 4 years ago the tests were proctored online where as to now you have to go to class. I myself am getting ready to apply for both of these programs. I prefer Wallace over Snead just bc Ive taken my remaining prereqs there. And want to add the loyalty points.
  2. RNinthemaking17

    Applying for Spring 18

    I haven't applied yet...I was waiting until I enrolled in the math 100 in August. I'll get those 5 extra points. The curiosity is agonizing or maybe I'm just over thinking bc I'm scared I wont get accepted.
  3. RNinthemaking17

    Applying for Spring 18

    I haven't taken mth 100 yet. Will be taking in the fall but as of now without that class, I have 29 points. Are they not including the microbiology grade anymore? So I'll probably have between 32-35 when I apply depending if micro is counted.
  4. RNinthemaking17

    Applying for Spring 18

    Hi guys, I'm so excited I plan on applying for a mobility program for Spring 18'. I'm applying for more than one to give myself a better chance. Please share your thoughts and points possible. I'll have all my prereqs, 19 on the ACT. I'm interested in Shelton state, Wallace Selma/Hanceville and Snead state bc of the online program. TIA

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