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  1. PNAP no legal charges

    I was honest on my license renewal that I had a misdemeanor for a DUI I was contacted by PNAP. when I went for my evaluation I was clean and sober I had attended rehab and was doing great! It didn't matter I was told I had to complete this 3 year pro...
  2. PNAP

    I have been in PNAP almost 3 years, my contract has been extended. They say Zero Tolerance and they mean it. You can not miss urine screenings. It is very strict. I wish I would have contacted a lawyer PRIOR to signing the contract. I feel it is very...
  3. Calling all PNAP/VRP Nurses in PA

    The case managers seem to delight in finding fault and do nothing to help. I don't think they are on our side at all. Its called Peer Assistance. They have never done anything to assist me. I think their job is just to find fault to make us pay longe...
  4. Calling all PNAP/VRP Nurses in PA

    it really sucks, I've been in since July of 2014. I had a positive for alcohol last august and my contract was extended for an additional 2 years which will make it 5 years total. my husband made homemade wine and not even thinking i drank some. I've...