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I am an more "mature" nursing student who is finally pursing her desire to be a nurse.

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  1. IV drip information

    Originally I began reading allnurses forums when I was in college for my LPN certificate. I have achieved that and am now working on my LPN-to-RN, which I will complete in December of this year. In the meantime, I am working on an acute care floor at...
  2. Why rural nursing?

    Hey everyone: I just wanted to report back on the results of my rural nursing research paper. I got a 100% on it and came out of the class with a 4.0 GPA. Thanks for everyone's help! Kathryn
  3. Why rural nursing?

    Hey again everyone - thanks for the one response I have. I have a feeling most people will agree with you. However, I hope people will post their response anyway, even if in agreement. I need to be able to show numbers of responses and %'s so hope y'...
  4. Why rural nursing?

    Hello everyone! I just discovered and joined this forum. I am an older nursing student who is getting her LPN and then will continue to her RN (so I can work at LPN wages instead of Nurses Aide wages while finishing up!) I am really excited about FI...