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    Stupid mistake

    Hello everyone... am new here but I really wanted to get this off my chest and maybe have some advice. I've been a nurse for almost 5yrs and been working in paeds for 1yr. So I had to give paracetamol to a kid and the doctor specifically ordered to give it IV. Now as I frequently attach bags of IVI which need to be taken to the last drop I must have gotten confused and forgot to check the dosage and put it in my head that I needed to give the whole bottle of 1g.... he only needed to take170mg. The pump was found still running 3hrs later, fortunately the rate was slow but he still got 3 times more the dosage! Obviously doctor was contacted and through some research we discovered the overdose was not enough to cause harm. We wrote an incident report and everything and it is making me feel as if I'm a piece of crap nurse. To make matters worse last yr another incident happened which was not my fault but I still had to write another incident report. For now they gave me a verbal warning and a month of being shadowed by another nurse. I feel so defeated now. I know I deserve all the repurcussions but how do I stop myself thinking that I'm the worst? That all the other nurses are judging me? I'm afraid that the tiniest problem now will get me in serious trouble and probably fired :-(