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    BSN-MSN Education

    Hey everyone! I just applied today to do the BSN-MSN Education track. It's something I've been thinking about for a while and today I just decided to do it!!! I'm super excited but also nervous. I have a couple of questions for you guys regarding the capstone. I don't feel like they give you a ton of information up front so I'd like to hear from people who are in the capstone or have completed it. I am interested in working as a nurse educator within companies/institutions versus an academic/university setting. I have read lots of reviews about needing an IRB review through the institution you are doing your capstone on. Is this still true? I am asking because I would love to assess and change a knowledge/education gap within my company. I work for a large independent-provider owned pediatric primary care office. We have 9 clinics and over 100 providers. For being a provider owned company we are pretty big! Through speaking with the nurses across my company there is a huge education gap around lactation. We do not have any IBCLC nurses and a lot of our employees are new grads. I would like to assess the current knowledge around lactation and feeding newborns, see if there is a true need for a resource, create a resource that they can refer to, and then go around to each clinic and teach the nurses about this topic. Does anyone think this would work? My company is pretty strict and before I even start the MSN program I need to get approval for this idea because it might take a whole six months for them to even give me a green light. Sorry that was so long! Thanks anyone/everyone for feedback!