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  1. SASARN53

    I Am A Sober Nurse, But Only for Today

    Thank you for writing on this topic. I too am an Alcoholic and have been sober for 13 years. I was in Nursing for 40 years and went thru some tremendous family stressors, the addiction took over my life and I made bad choices which led to me losing my Nursing License. I have never forgiven myself, Nursing was the love of my life. I am sober today and have had to make a new life for myself but I miss working as Nurse.
  2. SASARN53

    Any nurses that love nursing and love their job??

    I have been a Nurse for 48 years,I learned long ago that you are the one that makes the job you have a satisfying experience. I tried to stay on my side of the street and worry about the patients I am responsible for that day. Naturally there are going to be some bad days but the good have always outweighed the bad for me . There are many areas to work in so if you are not happy choose something until you are. As far as negative comments just say I am sorry you feel that way and go about your own business. It only takes one toxic person to take the whole team down. A positive attitude will make you a winner!
  3. SASARN53

    The good ole days of nursing...share your stories!

    I have been in Nursing for 46 years, I was an OB/GYN Nurse for the first 30 years and now I do Private Duty Nursing with Geriatric Patients. Nursing has been the love of my life!! I wanted to be a Nurse from the time I was 5 years old. I am so grateful that I went to school back in the day. There were patients on wards, people were in the hospital longer. We actually gave every patient a back rub during our HS care. We were a team, everyone worked together until all the work was done, we respected our elders and always asked questions if we were uncertain.I miss the white uniforms, the clinque shoes and the white starched caps, everyone knew we were Nurses. We were neat and clean. With the phase out of the 3 year program where you lived in a dorm next to the hospital the Nursing program has gone downhill. There is plenty of classroom hours but not enough Clinical time, many Nurses don't know how to do many procedures until they graduate and are thrown to the wolves on the units. And I must say that the Nurses in the workforce eat their young!! People have forgotten what it was like to be the new kid on the block!! I would love to be a motivational speaker at the Nursing Schools and maybe even the the workplace. I am proud to be a Nurse and will be until my dying day.