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  1. my school says it is accredited with ACEN nursing
  2. I graduated nursing school dec. 2018 in Texas and was told I could try other states who would let me test since I met their 4 year mark. Has anyone gone over their year mark post graduation for their state and was able to pass NCLEX through another s...
  3. New Nurse After 7 Years of Attempting NCLEX

    Where did you test for NCLEX since its been so long since you graduated? I am looking for a state that will allow me to test, its been 4 years since graduating and Texas won't let me.
  4. Mclennan college adn 2018

    Hi, I was accepted for the fall of 2016 and there were a total of 150 applicants. They were only available to accept 60. However, I do know the numbers are different for the spring semester. If you want more information, they do reveal the class acce...