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  1. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    No I finished med school several years ago kind sir. I know what most MS4s are capable of. Much more than SRNAs or at least the ones going into anesthesia are especially if they’ve already done a few anesthesia or cc rotations. If one is going to ar...
  2. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    Right dude. Nobody is going to believe that CRNA school better prepare people for anesthesia than a physician residency. Give me a break nobody is buying this garbage. Med students are pretty involved in rotations at the place I work at. Just as invo...
  3. Physician Assistants now have FPA

    So essential PAs can now set up shop in whatever specialty they want in these states? It’s confusing since they aren’t trained in a specific area as NPs are. Can a PA in ND open up a rheum clinic and dish out 5 figure drugs that a family practitioner...
  4. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    I never understood the nursing montage in regards to them thinking med students do nothing for four years.
  5. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    I personally have more bite with midlevels than CRNAs at least CRNA school provides adequate training for most things. The fires my colleagues and I have to put out from NPs on a daily basis is disheartening
  6. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    Med students touch patients from day one for four years. I do agree with the part you say though that for anesthesia training much of the knowledge gained in MD school is not required since excluding complications non pain fellowshipped MDA do not re...
  7. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    Essentially the studies done by ASA show MDA is better. Ones done by AANA show crna are the same but not counting for near misses where anesthesiologist saved the day. Plus the patients taken care of by CRNA are just not as sick. Nobody is doubting c...
  8. CRNAs: We are the Answer

    This is like one of the most condescending posts I’ve ever seen. You talk to people like they are children if you disagree with them yet you are only a student crna. He makes valid points in stating that crnas have a fraction of the training of an an...
  9. CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    I bet the surgeons you work with never make fun of you in the lounge. I’m sure your supervising anesthesiologist also loves you with that nurse is god attitude. Or are you still a student at MTSA
  10. CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    I am not of anesthesiologist specialty but have to agree with what offlabel says. A lot of my surgeon friends work well with both crna and physicians but think it’s ridiculous that nurses are trying to blur the lines between anesthesiologist physicia...
  11. NP Wikipedia Article

    Usually if the first place one here’s of something is on a nursing forum it is no less than propaganda for midlevels. We hear all the time the need for physician oversight is so great but not everyone wants to blindly do it now since many of your kin...
  12. NP Wikipedia Article

    I know these are overblown statings since I work for a similar type of company and know of this not happening. Actually many hospitals are limiting midlevel scope due to declining educational standards and hospitals have picked up on this and even i...
  13. NP Wikipedia Article

    It is possible at some places but not most. Not at mine for sure. Nor do the studies explicitly state that. It’s still a comparison of residents vs midlevels who had probably never rotated in the icu before this rotation. So they are actually doing w...
  14. NP Wikipedia Article

    No I would agree having nps around is great but the major np groups are not welcome to the limitations that need to be in place. We couldn’t function without mlps since there are too many patients and not enough of us to go around. But we can’t forge...
  15. NP Wikipedia Article

    here is the study i see most often quoted. it states acnp and residents all share supervision by fellows and attending. this is the type of garbage that gets thrown out there. literally everything gets the final day through attending physicians yet m...