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  1. ICU vs OR Residency

    I really feel like the ICU would help me become more well rounded as you said. Do you have any tips for someone new in nursing going into this unit? The hospital I’m considering is a smaller one level IV place. I think the residency is about 6 month ...
  2. ICU vs OR Residency

    Thanks for your input! I know that I don’t want to do OR forever which is why I’m worried about being able to be looked at as a good candidate later in my career if I were to want to go to the units you suggested.
  3. ICU vs OR Residency

    I am a new grad (just graduated this month) and in the process of getting my NCLEX scheduled. I rotated at a local OR in a hospital for my recent / final clinical rotation which I loved. Since ending this rotation I have applied here and other places...
  4. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2019-2020

    Meuschki, Like the another user said you should receive an email, i think a letter comes in the mail a few days later. You should be fine with your GPA and recommendation letters! I had to repeat a few pre req's since my work/school life balance was...
  5. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2019-2020

    Hey all! I wanted to chime in with my experience and hopefully it will be helpful to some of you. I applied before for the 2018-19 program by the priority deadline, but I didn’t get my acceptance email until second week of June. Someone else I knew g...
  6. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2018-2019

    Hi iLoveScumBag, Thank you! This was my second time applying there so I was surprised about the acceptance. I was first notified by email and then I received the letter of acceptance in the mail a few days later. So which ever email you provided to t...
  7. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2018-2019

    Hi everyone, I've been following this thread for a bit but haven't posted. You guys should be hearing back soon. I got my application in right before the priority deadline. I was notified about two weeks ago that I was accepted into the spring cohort...
  8. UW BSN 2018

    Hello, I'm new to this thread. This is my second time applying to the BSN program at UW. I just got an email invitation to the proctored essay. Does anyone have any tips on how to study for it? Especially the math portion? I'm so nervous now! Good l...
  9. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Hi Aswedberg, You should be hearing back from them soon I'd imagine, they are still sending out letters between now and next month. Unfortunately, I wasn't accepted this round -_-. However I am going to try for some of the community colleges and poss...
  10. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Hi bsnhopefulmj, Sorry for the late reply, my friend applied back in December I think and I believe she was accepted into the fall cohort. I saw your other post that you were accepted, congratulations! And the best of luck to you in the program and i...
  11. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, like many of you I'm still waiting to hear back from PLU, my friend just got an acceptance letter last week so they are starting to send letters out. I don't expect to find out myself for awhile since I turned my ap...