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  1. vegaa7500

    Becoming a CRNA

    Hi, So I recently graduated nursing school and just started a new job as a Neuro ICU RN. My end goal for my career is to become a CRNA. I was planning on applying to DNP programs after 2 years of experience. I herd it would be near impossible to work while in this type of program so i'm worrying about being able to afford my cost of living, while paying my student loans off for 3 years. I had the idea today of possibly going through my hospitals school to obtain an MSN for FNP, which would take 2 years. With this my hospital would pay for me to get my degree, while still being able to work and build up my state pension. But I'd have to work there for a certain number of years after. After completing the required time I could jump into a MSN to DNP school, which should be about a year. Do you think I should go straight to DNP school or get an MSN degree for FNP and then get my DNP? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. vegaa7500

    Binghamton University BAT Program-2016-2017

    Hey everyone! I have been waitlisted for the Binghamton University BAT nursing program for the 2017-2018 year. I'm wondering when you all had received your acceptance to the program and when is the latest date to receive an acceptance to the program? I was just wondering this because it is already April 18th and I have not herd back from Binghamton whether I have been accepted or not and the program starts in about a month. This wait is currently killing me