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    What might be going on?

    Sorry to hear that. Perhaps look for another job. Best of luck to you!
  2. GuestAnon

    Rough day on the unit

    Hi there. This is my first thread I'm sharing. I'm new to nursing and new to the site. I had a rough day at work and I want to share my experience in hopes of learning from others. My day started with a violent patient whom I had to call back up for. It really shook me up and it seems as though I never recovered from it for the whole 8 hours of my shift. He had dementia and had gotten upset/agitated and began to yell obscenities and come towards me. Other nurses came and it got de-escalated. Later on, I went about my day, going through the motions. I work on a medicine floor and just got hired at my first hospital job about 3-4 months ago. It was brought to my attention that I wasn't communicating properly with other staff and they thought about reporting it to the manager. I felt targeted and bullied, coming from senior staff. I confided in one of the nurses, the charge nurse, and asked, "What could I have done better today? This day was really rough." She had a good talk with me about how I was helped immensely for my other patients and not once had I asked if she and another nurse needed help. I felt dumbstruck, as this didn't sound like me. After my incident in the morning, I wasn't myself. I shut myself down and didn't communicate properly with my team. Their patients were borderline unstable and I was presumably in la-la land not yet recovered from a confused and violent patient. I haven't ever cried at a job more than I've cried in nursing. I remember asking another nurse, "Is it normal to cry so much when you first start nursing?" I apologized to the nurses in question and said thank you for their help. They're all there to work as a team and help me along the way. Some days I wonder if I'm even a good nurse. I was heavily relied upon because I was one of two RN's working on the floor and it seemed like I wasn't present. The thought that comes up often for me is the part about being a new nurse and a new hire. Some days I feel incompetent and that others question my care and knowledge. Some days are bad (like today) that I question it to! Maybe I didn't received sufficient orientation? Or that some things come with time and experience....