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  1. I appreciate the info.
  2. Is there any other career in the medical field where it requires a lesser degree/schooling but has the same background checks and stringency as nursing? That way if I were to be denied I wouldn't have wasted so much time and money? I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to be lazy or take shortcuts but I would hate to spend $10,000's and 4+ years of my life only to be told that I'm banned from practicing because of very stupid mistake I made 10+ years ago...
  3. Wow. Thank you. Back to square 1... I don't know if I can bring myself to take that risk. What the hell... Have you ever heard of anyone from being banned for life from nursing for instances like this?
  4. wako227

    Juvenile felony and licensing

    Well... what happened?
  5. I see. Makes sense. Who can I contact to get a definite answer on this matter? Or is this just one big crap shoot? This really, really sucks.
  6. Hello. I'm not really sure if I can get a license in Florida for nursing. I am 25 now and I'm thinking about going to school to be a nurse. It states the following on floridasnursing (dot) gov website: " *Please note: Per section 464.0095, F.S., applications who have a Felony conviction (regardless of adjudication), do not qualify for a Multistate License in any company jurisdiction. " When I was 13 I got arrested for (1 incident, 2 charges) burglary 2nd degree and grand larceny 4th degree (IDK what the degree means exactly). Both considered felonies in New York. Also (still 13 yrs old) was arrested for another 2 misdemeanors (1 incident): petty theft and crim. possession of stolen property. Then when I was 15 (in Florida state now) I was arrested for resisting arrest w/out violence and disturbing the peace. Both misdemeanors. Again 1 incident, 2 charges. I have not gotten in trouble with the law since. All of these records are sealed but I guess that doesn't really matter in this instance. In New York they do not expunge records so getting the 2 most serious charges erased, the 2 felonies, isn't possible. I know that I can get into a nursing program but when it comes to getting my license, that's what I'm not sure about... Would I literally just have to find out? Meaning go to school, get a degree, etc. and then apply for a license and hope they forgive my past? Any help would really be appreciated. I want to go back to school for something in the medical field. Thank you.