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  1. NCMurse1313

    Odds for School

    Just wanted to get the opinion of either SRNAs, CRNAs, or anyone with experience I the CRNA admissions field. Below is a brief overview of my CV in regards to my applications for CRNA school. Let me know what you all may think my odds are and where I may want to improve. Thanks! Undergrad GPA 3.2, will be taking stats soon with goal of getting A Graduate level Patho taken: A recieved GRE: 302 without writing clinical experience: 9 months step down, 1.5 and counting of CTICU at two different level one trauma centers ELSO Certified ECMO Specialist working in CTICU, SICU, and PICU BLS, ACLS, PALS, CCRN and eventually going to obtain CSC subcert. Currently accumulating shadow hours in CVOR with anesthesia providers 6 years in Army National Guard, 4 of which were during undergrad. Thanks for the input!
  2. NCMurse1313

    Endoscopy Nursing as a New grad

    So I interviewed on the unit, it's an outpatient clinic attached to the hospital, and it wasn't bad. The new grads start in the prep and recovery area for 6 months and then get trained in procedural if they are interested. There's some things that I could see learning there that may help me down the road, I.e IV skills and possibly some sedation, but the majority of the sedation is done by anesthesia. It wouldn't be a bad area to move to down the road when im looking for something outside of the 12 hour, rotating shifts, but I don't think it was for me right now. Luckily I was asked to interview on a progressive care unit and a CV step down, so hopefully I will be able to land in one of those areas.
  3. NCMurse1313

    Endoscopy Nursing as a New grad

    Hello all, So I am a new grad and I was let go from my SICU job d/t me not being completely ready for the ICU. Luckily my hospital and manager are giving me the opportunity to transfer to a lesser acuity unit to get my foundation better developed. So with that being said, I am interviewing for an Endoscopy New grad position tomorrow and I really do not know much about the type of nursing they do in an endoscopy procedural area. Can anyone provide me with any insight? Also, my aim is to get back to inpatient nursing in the ICU within a year or two, once I have built a better foundation and have some experience, so would working in this procedural area help me learn necessary skills to aid me in transitioning back to the ICU? Thanks a ton in advance!