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  1. Nursingmama3

    Spring 2018 wake tech nursing

    Hi, I received my letter today and I am in. It says the nursing orientation is: Friday, October 20th from 0900 - 1600. Check in begins at 0815. Good luck to the rest of you waiting. points = 187
  2. Nursingmama3

    Wake Tech ADN Spring 2018

    I am taking PSY 241 and ENG 112 online at Wake Tech. It's going well but it still gets hard when working full time and having a family. If I get an A in both classes, I will have exactly 187. I took the TEAS and got 6 additional points. I won't bother retaking them because I won't have the time. What I'm noticing is that anyone with 172 points or more has a good chance for admission. Yes, I literally saw the other posts about SP 18 as soon as I published my post. Good luck to you!
  3. Nursingmama3

    Wake Tech ADN Spring 2018

    Hello All! I will be applying this July 31 for admission in the Spring 2018 nursing program at Wake Tech. I just wanted to start a space where we could talk about the process. I am finishing 2 classes (PSY 241 and ENG 112) and start my CNA class May 16th. It's been a lot to balance while having a full time job and kids, but doable. I think I will have about 187 points. What about you all?