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  1. cbrown39

    1+ year nursing experience

    Thanks for the response!
  2. cbrown39

    1+ year nursing experience

    Hi, I'm a recent RN graduate considering working as a dialysis nurse in the next few months or so if I am hired. I currently work in NICU, but I applied to a FNP program, and if accepted, will start spring 2018. I want some experience in another area before going to FNP school. What is it like to be a dialysis nurse? Would a dialysis nurse be appropriate since I'm trying to be a FNP? Any advice or inputs would help.
  3. cbrown39

    NICU nurse to FNP

    Hey, I know this topic is old, but I'm just wondering how did the NICU RN to FNP transition turn out? I'm currently applying to FNP programs, and I am a NICU nurse!