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  1. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    Likewise :) let's share info
  2. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    mine was 3.55, whats yours
  3. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    I'm taking a stats refresher, which shouldn't take ore than one or two weeks to finish
  4. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    Sometimes the school won't allow you to do full time if you're working full time, that's what I've been told and that's why the school asked me to do part time instead of full which was my original request
  5. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    I will be doing full time work and part time study. I'll try to balance between my job days and the lectures (hopefully)
  6. Herzing University FNP program?

    Hi Reyval04, I dont think I can PM yet as I'm a new user. I had a lot of questions about Herzing. how is there online learning experience is like? do they throw all the studying on you? Ive been in an online program before and we did all the studying...
  7. Herzing MSN-FP 2017 Jan Start

    Hi, I just wanted to know if you ended up with Herzing or not? Ive been accepted there, but I need to know some info about the program before actually committing to them. How do you like the program so far? do they throw all the studying on you or do...
  8. Simmons VS Herzing FNP

    Hi everyone, I really need help. I have two acceptances now for my MSN FNP online track, one from Herzing and one from Simmons college. Herzing was very easy to get into, and I can start as full time no issues. Simmons still require me to take a stat...
  9. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    Thank you, I wish you best of luck as well. keep us updated
  10. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    It took them about 5 days to respond and my admission counselor said this is the fastest reply she had ever got for a student. It usually takes between one or two weeks
  11. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    Hey, I just got the news today, I was accepted thank God. The process is not hard just make sure you got good reference letters and good essay. Are you applying as part time or full?
  12. FNP at nursing@simmons may 2017

    Hey guys I just applied to the FNP program at Simmons and I wanted I meet other applicants and share your opinions
  13. Nursing@Simmons FNP MAY 2016 Cohort

    Hi all, I wanted to know. Why do some of you have to take a refresher classes?
  14. **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    Do you know if at Simmons, the teachers are the ones who put the exams or not? I've been to an online school for my BSN and the teachers had no idea about the exams contents, and that made it really difficult for us
  15. **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    hey guys, any more info about Simmons, I am applying there and just need to know that I'm not making a mistake. My biggest fear is to find myself in a self taught program (I know it's online ) but I know that some schools do really help you, teach yo...