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  1. NYCBelle

    CUNY SPS MSN (FALL 2020)

    Hello! I am a newly admitted student and I was wondering how your experience has been w/ the MSN program. Please share if you can!
  2. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Financial aid is limited to those with dire need or the top 5-10ish% of the class. As a covid grad the hybrid/ then totally online structure was very challenging (I hope this is different for you). You will be doing a very large amount of self teaching. If you have the discipline and ability to study for hours at a time (possibly with limited library access due to restrictions) its doable. Study groups are vital but with minimal meeting in person as often (for social building) that component may be lost. Overall it can be done but you must be prepared to do a lot of this on your own.
  3. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Generally you’re allowed to have a course or 2 pending. You can be conditionally accepted as long as you pass the remaining course(s) with the marks per policy. Check out portgage learning online. That is where I took my ethics course. It's affordable, self paced and transferred with no issues. I was accepted while completing the course. If nothing has changed since last cycle, you should be fine. source: Pson Grad
  4. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Its all about perspective and end game. I absolutely wish that things were better but I also acknowledge that we were certainly the guinea pigs in all of this. Mount Sinai is a powerhouse here in the city, the school is accredited with an NLN badge and there will be more expansion. Any and every nurse I’ve ever talked to has always told me you’re going to learn what Nursing is really all about when you step on the floor AFTER school. As we see this pandemic unfolding not even the biggest hospital systems in the world are prepared and as organized as they should be. Think on that. I've attended both State & Private schools.... education can just be really messy. I had some time this evening so I answered a few questions but if you have more feel free to send a private message. No matter what you decide make use of this time- it’s precious. ✌️
  5. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Yes. How many- no one really knows. You should receive information in the coming weeks regarding how to apply.
  6. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    I used my savings, a small amount of Fed Loans and a private to cover the rest. You should really think of PSON as a small school. There’s not a lot of funding like SUNY/CUNY or other private universities to dish out. Think of it like this: once cohort 5 finishes .... You guys will be the only ones left at the school. It's small.
  7. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Hey- So things are always subject to change but classes are during the week, mostly in the am. Clinical days vary and are also in the AM. Nursing school is intense so no matter what.. its a lot. Classes are manageable but we get a lot of work so you must work on time mgmt. My experience has been very turbulent but.. so is life. It’s important that you find a balance in all things, make time for yourself and your health whether it be working out or spending sometime with family. I spend on avg at least 30-35 hrs a week studying. This will be your life. Find a good set of folks to study with and be good to each other. Best advice I cld give.
  8. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Congratulations to everyone receiving their acceptances. The tuition will be in the 54k to 60k ball park if things continue on trend (that shld include books, uniform). Things are completely insane at school right now but with a new school location and additional staff being added, we are hopeful the fall will be a bit better. You have to be diligent in making sure you have all you need to succeed in a program like this (and that means focussing on school and not all of the 100 distractions swirling around). There are some great schools here but if you get into a school less than 60-70k total for a BSN, take it and hold you chin up. Many of us will likely return to school for advanced degrees and shld try to be as fiscally responsible as possible. .. just my 2 cents. Take care!
  9. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Be persistent. There are no classes happening at the school right now so they are a captive audience. You are about to make a huge investment, a few emails are not a bother! Decisions for the fall start came out for some students last year around April if that helps.
  10. NYCBelle

    Teaching vs Bedside

    Hi. Very curious.. what did you decide?
  11. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    @lily41 as of Aug of 19’ pharmacology and pathophysiology are considered co-requisite courses meaning: while they may not be mandatory to have completed prior to the start of the program, you can complete them before you begin to lighten your workload.
  12. NYCBelle

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Current Student here....🕵️‍♂️ Please upload ALL documents to Nursingcas. If not specifically indicated, label what the doc is under the misc. document section. If I can give any advice it would be USE THE SUMMER TO TAKE EACH AND EVERY PREREQ + CO-REQ YOU CAN. Do not leave Pharm or Patho on the table. Portage learning + SUNY/CUNY summer classes are incredible resources and it will make your life and workload 1000000% more manageable when you start. Please, use the time you would otherwise be starting in the "summer" and take care of these courses. They are the most dense and have given the most trouble for the cohorts. Be kind to Mrs. Gallo. She is a 1 woman show virtually. I will be online today and can take a few questions, DM if you like. Good Luck 🤠
  13. 🎅 This is Golden. Thank you for sharing your experience!!!
  14. Thank you for sharing your experience. Its really unfortunate things went south. Some of us are at the point of no return at this point +_+ If you could give those of us starting soon any advice or things to watch for- what would they be?
  15. NYCBelle

    CMSV - College of Mount Saint Vincent

    @nrodrigues My application was completed at the end of Feb. I heard back mid March.
  16. NYCBelle


    Thank you for taking the time to write and share this. I am going to bookmark it for the day I begin my NCLEX prep! Kudos to you🤗👩‍🎓💛. All the best @Dreamer_9982