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NYCBelle has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Hi there. I am seeing this incredibly late but I enrolled and so far its very structured and going well. I attend part-time and while it's a solid amount of work weekly, it is doable. Hope this helps!
  2. Good Evening ? I am looking for others who may be attending a Master's program @ CUNY SPS this fall. Please reach out if so, I don't believe there is a thread currently. We are a small class so I hope we find each other. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hi there, did you end up applying?
  4. CUNY SPS MSN (FALL 2020)

    Hello! I am a newly admitted student and I was wondering how your experience has been w/ the MSN program. Please share if you can!
  5. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Financial aid is limited to those with dire need or the top 5-10ish% of the class. As a covid grad the hybrid/ then totally online structure was very challenging (I hope this is different for you). You will be doing a very large amount of...
  6. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Generally you’re allowed to have a course or 2 pending. You can be conditionally accepted as long as you pass the remaining course(s) with the marks per policy. Check out portgage learning online. That is where I took my ethics course. It's affordabl...
  7. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Its all about perspective and end game. I absolutely wish that things were better but I also acknowledge that we were certainly the guinea pigs in all of this. Mount Sinai is a powerhouse here in the city, the school is accredited with an NLN badge...
  8. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Yes. How many- no one really knows. You should receive information in the coming weeks regarding how to apply.
  9. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    I used my savings, a small amount of Fed Loans and a private to cover the rest. You should really think of PSON as a small school. There’s not a lot of funding like SUNY/CUNY or other private universities to dish out. Think of it like this: once...
  10. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    It will vary-I don't want to mislead. You will likely not have clinical your first semester anyways. Look forward to a lot of lab to get you prepared!
  11. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Yes, we had all Sinai sites. Bellevue may be in the cards for mental health but that’s still in Manhattan. No car needed.
  12. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Hey- So things are always subject to change but classes are during the week, mostly in the am. Clinical days vary and are also in the AM. Nursing school is intense so no matter what.. its a lot. Classes are manageable but we get a lot of work so you ...
  13. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Congratulations to everyone receiving their acceptances. The tuition will be in the 54k to 60k ball park if things continue on trend (that shld include books, uniform). Things are completely insane at school right now but with a new school location a...
  14. Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    Be persistent. There are no classes happening at the school right now so they are a captive audience. You are about to make a huge investment, a few emails are not a bother! Decisions for the fall start came out for some students last year around Ap...
  15. Teaching vs Bedside

    Hi. Very curious.. what did you decide?