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  1. Sigrimis

    Nurse Practitioner Needed/Not Needed?

    Truth! Agreed...
  2. Please note... I know nurse practitioner schools are pushing for more nurse practitioners and say there is a need. The fact is NPs have grown over 100,000 just in the past few years. Before you decide to go to nurse practitioner school, look to see how many jobs there are in your area. You may be surprised at the fact that you may have to travel or relocate for work. Remember nurse practitioner schools want you to go to school so they can make money. Please also consider CRNA positions, as the salary is 3Xs NP salary in some locations. Please no negative comments...I speak from experience.
  3. Sigrimis

    Please don't judge me and my daughter

    Cat and daughter, Remember that our profession shows everyone who we are, feel sorry for this nurses' patients. Every time we take care of a patient, we are showing our team, manager and most importantly God above what kind of person we are on the inside. Let this nurse be, let her treat others the way she wants to be treated;she will see the results of her actions. I challenge you to leave this alone; I challenge you to learn from this and be the best APRN you can be--show fellow feeling, show empathetic care, and show love. We all took psychology, this nurse has had a hard life, and somewhere along the way, someone was not kind to her. Cat, continue to empathize with our patients. Much love from your thousands peers to you and your daughter.

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