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    FSW Fall 2019

    Hi guys, I'm a level four student at FSW. I didn't get to read all of the pages but I like to check up on the FSW threads because it was confusing for me when I first started too. To clarify on the book purchases, yes I agree its expensive and I was forced to take out a loan just for the books. The books come with two access codes which is needed and used each semester. If you buy the bundle it comes with ebooks as well. The majority of my class purchased the bundle in the bookstore like I did. I can't recall how much the access codes cost itself. The ATI is also used throughout the year. Its hard to come to terms with and can be frustrating, but nursing school is expensive. Congratulations to you all who have been accepted! For those of you who weren't accepted for the Fall semester please do not give up, and try again for the Spring semester. Let me know if you have any questions, I will do my best to respond, but I am not on here much.
  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Congrats on your acceptance into nursing school! I was wait-listed for two schools, and I'm figuring out what my next steps are. Good luck on your journey :)