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  1. Nursee2019

    New grad pay rate in Orlando

  2. Nursee2019

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    I graduated nursing school in December, took the NCLEX late January. I watched most of my classmates land nurse residency jobs, which I decided not to apply to since I wanted to move out of that city. There are two big hospitals where I live now and I applied to both during my last semester and after I graduated (One hospital has a two-year contract, the other doesn’t but it’s hard to get into). I went to a few interviews and was offered one position before passing the NCLEX, but I decided not to take it since I was hesitant to be on a two-year contract. I passed NCLEX, kept applying, and searched for job fairs (planned on going to four). Long story short I met two recruiters for the hospital I wanted to work for and I was able to land a job as a RN at a magnet hospital. I am excited to finally start this month! I would suggest looking into job fairs in your area and attend them if you can. The first job fair I attended was for experienced RNs but new grads were welcomed. Even though I didn’t get hired on the spot, I was able to network and meet recruiters who helped me! Also prepare for your interviews and how to answer questions. Don’t give up! Keep applying! Good luck on your journey.
  3. Nursee2019

    Hired as PCT but only have CNA experience?

    Hi there, I’ve worked as a Patient care assistant and it was basically like working as a CNA, except I was hired since I was a nursing student & got paid a little more. You should get on the job training & once you start training you should ask about EKG & phlebotomy since you’re not comfortable yet. They may also provide you with an option to take a phlebotomy course.
  4. Nursee2019

    Nursing School Study Tips

    I practiced ATI dosage questions everyday. I would plug the number back in once I found the answers to make sure it’s right before I moved on. Honestly practice is key. I liked desired over have but I would use whatever works for you. Once I got better I would alternate between methods for certain problems.
  5. Nursee2019

    When to do the Pearson View "Trick"

    I waited two hours after I received the email & I did the same as you by changing the expiration date.
  6. Nursee2019

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!!!

    Thank you I really don’t want to get my hopes up. Glad you found the videos! Listen and take notes if needed, I wish I knew about his videos sooner. I’m not sure how old they are but they were so helpful!
  7. Nursee2019

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!!!

    Check YouTube before they’re deleted! Also if you google it you’ll find it on a reddits page...
  8. Nursee2019

    Passed NCLEX 2nd Time With 75Q!!!

    Thank you for the post! Because of this post I started listening to Marks lectures. I take NCLEX tomorrow but listening to Marks lectures has eased some of my nerves!
  9. Nursee2019

    Central Florida RN jobs for new grads

    Hello everyone, New grad here and I was wondering if anyone applied to jobs in the central Florida area and was hired before obtaining their license. Also how long did it take to hear something after applying to job openings? I've applied to Advents Nurse residency, but you are only allowed two interviews (wish I knew before).
  10. Nursee2019

    NCLEX-RN next week

    Hi everyone! I take the NCLEX-RN next week and have been actively studying since the beginning of this month. I do 75-100 uworld questions about 5-6 days a week. I took a little break after graduation in December but would do about 25 questions on my down time. I’m also using a 56 page study guide for content because it’s pretty spot on and has good reviews. I used Saunders at first, but it’s too long so I use it when I’m not familiar with something. I have a habit of getting tired when sitting for long test and my self assessment reflected that since I got a majority of the questions toward the end wrong. I plan on taking breaks during the test. I would like to know if anyone has passed NCLEX the first time while only finishing half of the uworld questions and scoring low on the assessment. Also how should I study these last few days? Should I keep practicing or simply review and focus on my weakest areas? How did you prepare a few days before the test? Any advice would be great! Thanks! (my username is just something I came up with since I graduated dec 2019, not a RN yet)
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Nursee2019

    FSW Fall 2019

    At the Lee campus Level one students typically start off in the nursing homes, and they usually go to places like adult day care, Lee's child care (correct if I'm wrong), and other places I can't recall. Its mainly because the hospitals only allow a number of students on the floor so level one students don't go to the hospitals until the end basically when level four students complete their first 10 weeks. Sometimes it conflicts but when level one students to go to the hospital they mainly follow the CNA and sometimes the RN. To answer your question Lee goes to all four hospitals such as Cape, Lee Memorial(depends), HP, and GCMC. You'll go to the children hospital in level 3, among other places. Hope this helped.
  13. Nursee2019

    FSW Fall 2019

    Hey guys just letting you all know the school usually gives you a few days to order your books, because they know it can be hectic. It also depends on the professor but you won’t use the book on the first day of orientation. From my understanding the program has a lot of changes including, books, professors, uniform & etc. Hopefully you all wrote your questions & ask them on the first day of orientation. If you have questions about anything other than books (since it was changed) I will try to answer them. Good luck to you all.
  14. Nursee2019

    FSW Fall 2019

    Hi guys, I'm a level four student at FSW. I didn't get to read all of the pages but I like to check up on the FSW threads because it was confusing for me when I first started too. To clarify on the book purchases, yes I agree its expensive and I was forced to take out a loan just for the books. The books come with two access codes which is needed and used each semester. If you buy the bundle it comes with ebooks as well. The majority of my class purchased the bundle in the bookstore like I did. I can't recall how much the access codes cost itself. The ATI is also used throughout the year. Its hard to come to terms with and can be frustrating, but nursing school is expensive. Congratulations to you all who have been accepted! For those of you who weren't accepted for the Fall semester please do not give up, and try again for the Spring semester. Let me know if you have any questions, I will do my best to respond, but I am not on here much.
  15. Nursee2019

    FSW Spring 2018

    I wanted a rolling bag, but I have a regular bag. Only a few students have rolling bags. I usually carry the books I need only, but sometimes you need both books. We had access to the computers so some people used the EText, but I used both. I would bring one book to class & access the other online. It's honestly what works for you. I personally don't like having to carry both books.
  16. Nursee2019

    FSW Spring 2018

    Yes, you can purchase the ATI on the first day of class. I think I purchased mine the first week.

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