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  1. JMoto

    2020 BSN law

    New here, couldn't figure out how to PM you so sorry about the public shout out. I was wondering how you like it from your path? I myself have a BM and an MM and am looking at Entry Level MSN's in my area as my next career path. I'd love to chat with you about it if you can PM me and have time!
  2. JMoto

    2020 BSN law

    Did anyone 'officially' answer this elsewhere? Looks like some of you in the South can't get jobs as an MSN w/o a BSN. I'm looking to go this route so I'd love to know if that is a problem on the West Coast as well before paying $100k for the degree! (Yes I understand I could pay the same and go to school longer for a BSN but I'd prefer to go only 3 years instead for an Entry Level MSN IF it means a higher paying or more satisfying job at the end of it all.)