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    PLU ELMSN 2017

    Hi curiousrei (and the other current ELMSN students)! I just created my account, so I'm hoping someone will be able to answer some questions I have here: I'm an upcoming ELMSN student starting this June and was hoping you could elaborate a little more on how clinicals are scheduled and structured during Summer and Fall in the first year. I'm excited for the program to start, but will be commuting from Seattle to PLU and am trying to get a better idea of how clinical placements are decided (i.e., do they start at the exact times listed on Bannerweb, or is there some slight variation?; are we able to request certain geographic locations or do we simply need to wait until after they have been assigned before trading; etc.). When it comes to lab sessions, how is priority determined for who gets what? I've been checking out the Fall 2017 course schedule and see that NURS 320's lab has sessions on both Tuesday and Wednesdays, but there are no didactic classes on Tuesdays. Obviously I'd prefer to avoid commuting to Tacoma for a single 1.5 hour lab course on Tuesdays, hence my questions! Lastly, how do all feel you've been able to balance the program's scheduled work with studying outside of it? Do you find you've been studying late into the night, or are you able to pack most of it during the day while maintaining your personal life? Thanks so much for answering all of the questions thus far! It seems like there is no 2017 cohort Facebook group, so Allnurses is my only connection to the program so far besides spamming the school itself with questions.