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    Need Help with Letter for Preceptor

    Hi all, I am currently in a new grad program on a Med-Surg floor and am about to finish up my training with my preceptor. I would like to show my appreciation for her mentorship these past few months by writing a letter to give to our manager. I read on allnurses that helping her in her career might be the best way to say thank you for all that she has done to help me with mine! Starting out as a new nurse can be a scary time but she has made this experience so positive for me. I'm not exactly sure how the wordage should be for this type of letter. I know it needs to be professional and succinct. Would it be similar to a letter of recommendation? This was her first time precepting. I want to convey that she has gone above and beyond in teaching me how to be a safe and efficient nurse. She's been very kind to me but she has also pushed me with constructive criticism and has really taught me to think critically about everything I do. I understand that she has done what all preceptors are supposed to do..I just want to write something that might make her file shine a little brighter, if that's even possible :-) Any suggestions? Is this something I should do or is it not necessary? If you think a letter is appropriate, are there certain things I should write/not write? Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!