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  1. bandaidsplease

    Hello Strangers! New job, please advise!

    Hello all of my spectacular and knowledgeable school nurses! It has been about a year since I have posted (don't worry Ive been keeping up with all the threads!) and I am in need of some guidance once again. So last year I was a brand new school nurse asking for tips and help with many different things. WELL, its a year later and I still feel like I need guidance. Thankfully I have a solid pediatric background, because to this day I was never properly trained- no protocols, no info on immunizations, how to deal with various situations etc. I have recently applied for a new school nurse position and I am intimidated to say the least. The school I am currently at has 400 kids this new school has 700+. They say the school nurse takes care of 50+ kids a day with 27 daily meds. GUYS HOW AM I GOING TO MANAGE THAT MANY KIDS. Also emergency action plans, safety action plans, staff medication teaching--- where do you guys get this information? Please add any tips or tricks dealing with your personal organization, immunization deadlines, screenings, communication with new staff. PLEASE ANYTHING WILL HELP. I appreciate every single one of you.
  2. bandaidsplease

    New Elementary School Nurse

    Welcome, also fairly new school nurse here!! Please share what you learn in training, any tips or tricks!! I haven't had any training, although I have repeatedly asked for it. Thank goodness for my peds, nicu,& picu experience. Best of luck!!
  3. bandaidsplease

    HELP new school nurse/immunizations

    Oh thank you so much!! How do I message on here!
  4. bandaidsplease

    HELP new school nurse/immunizations

    I am so thankful I have found all of this support!! I am a nurse in Louisiana, and hoping to get into contact with the immunization consultant, but it has proven difficult. Please feel free to continue sending any information on immunizations or any guidance in general. I definitely need all of the help I can get. I finally feel like I am not alone!! So are you guys wearing pink!?
  5. bandaidsplease

    HELP new school nurse/immunizations

    Thank you so much for the response!! I knew this was the right place to go. I feel relieved that I have support through this website. Warning I may have lots of questions but i definitely appreciate it!! I have grades k-7th i believe next school year I will have 8th grade as well.
  6. bandaidsplease

    HELP new school nurse/immunizations

    Hello everyone! I am a new school nurse. I have previous experience on a peds floor and home health but as we all know, the school is a totally different setting. I was kind of thrown into this position with no training and the previous school nurse was not informative, and I did not have an orientation at the school because I work for a company that the school contracts. I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE anyone who would take me under their wing, maybe send any information about immunizations how to organize it or tips about school nursing in general. Thank you all in advance :)