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    Cnas are looked down upon

    Hi there fellow readers. I have an important topic to discuss! The life of an CNA , helper , aide without the M. Whatever you'd call it. What are we? What are they? I've had the unthinkable happen to me today on my shift and i need to vent it was very upsetting to me. I am a CNA that works with an agency that sends us to drug rehabs, to be one on one with people in the program that need more help than others. And something bothered me today. Well there was a game on in the tv room where my patient dicided to sit along with another patient that has a one on one. Well the was two young guys maybe in early 20s that are apart of the program that came over to watch that game keep in mind this building is for the older folks. Also this room that 8 people where in only had room for 6. And with them it would be 10. So before they came me and the other aide had to pull up chairs becuase because we could not leave the patient in there without us being there. Well when these two guys came in they hopped on the floor. Happy as ever to even be watching the game. So then the unthinkable happened. One of the residents asked me and the other aide if we mind GIVING UP OUR CHAIRS TO THE BOYS! The boys turned and said naw man we good down here. She got upset. I could see her looking and making faces from the corner of her eye. ������������ half time came up. Everyone except my patient went walking out for cigarette break and the same woman turned to me and said. "You know?, those boys should really be the ones sitting in those chairs they pay good money to be here thats unfair". So pple what I'm here asking is ? Was I and the other aide aid in the wrong? What do pple take us for? Are we back in the SLAVERY days? I had no idea I was Rosa park back on the bus. And yes she was Caucasian , I am Greek mixed with African American and the other aide was African American. Was it about the color or jus the title? It wasn't about respectful at all. I couldn't jus stand up for a 4 hour game? Or should I have done that. Stood there on my feel like a slave just waiting? I sware im so upset I could jus quit my job tommorow. It's very heart breaking how pple treat you with the cna title. What would you do america?? I'm greatly bothered by this epidemic. Are cans jus a new form of maid service? Why should people look down upon people who are helping them or there loved ones. This honestly has to stop. If I would of been an older woman as a CNA like maybe 50 plus would I have been asked to give my seat up to those boys? Yes. Becuase im jus a CNA in her eyes. Even after I said no I don't have an issue and asked the boys if they would like they chair they brushed me off saying naw were good! She still pushed the issue saying that was unfair?? Was it america? Was it?? What about us? So that wasnt unfair to us right? I feel that it was a racist thing for her to do. I understand respect. But I asked they said no. What did she expect me to do? Hey out of my chair n bow my head and tell them please be my guest. ? Maybe that was wat eat she wanted. That's what takes me back to saying aide without the M. Feel free to comment your true feelings readers Thanks ������