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  1. Hello! i'm currently a CSN student finishing up classes that are required for the nursing program. I have some questions referring to applying for the program. I strongly suggest this post should be answered by current CSN students or CSN Nursing students :) I've taken all of the required classes for CSN Nursing program EXCEPT Biology 223, which i am currently taking right now this semester...and Biology 224. And Biology 224 would be my LAST required class prior to the Nursing program, since I've already took Biology 251. These are my current grades: Program Prerequisites: BIOLOGY 189: A- ENGLISH 101: A- PSYCHOLOGY 101: A MATH 120: B BIOLOGY 223: CURRENTLY TAKING THIS SPRING SEM. BUT SAY IF I GOT a B- OR a C+ Additional General Education Requirements: BIOLOGY 224: NOT YET TAKEN BIOLOGY 251: C+ COMMUNICATIONS 101: B SOCIOLOGY 101: B- HISTORY 101: C HISTORY 102: B So on CSN nursing program sheet, it says: "To have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 for all program prerequisites." OKAY. From what i understand, is it ONLY my Bio189, English101, Psychology101, Biol223, AND Math120 grades thats counted ONLY towards the GPA to get into their nursing program??? Because some people told me that. And then some say that it's ALL of the classes that are towards the GPA to get into nursing program. And THEN others are saying that the "Additional General Education Requirements" are ONLY used for the POINTS SYSTEM, and NOT towards the GPA. ALSO, for "Additional General Education Requirements," i understand it's for points, but since i got a C+ for Biology 251, would i still get that full 5 points because it's still a C or Higher grade? THANK YOU!