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Critical Care
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LittleMouse is a BSN, RN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. LittleMouse

    RN role in neuro IR?

    Where I work it all depends on if it is an anesthesia case or not, if they are there to manage the patient then we typically help transport down and then we can leave. If no anesthesia personnel is present then we stay for the duration of the case to monitor the patient, manage the pumps and administer medications.
  2. LittleMouse

    Sat my NCLEX-RN today

    For me it took approximately 1.5-2 weeks before my name was posted on the NYS Office of Professions website.
  3. LittleMouse

    Laptop question

    For what I use my surface for at school it easily lasts over 8 hours. Which mostly includes taking notes with the pen and between classes I'll work on discussion posts plus any research or web use. I commute to and from school and I've never had an issue if I forget the charger at home.
  4. LittleMouse

    Laptop question

    Last summer I purchased a Surface 3 in anticipation of going back to school to finish my prereqs and I found it incredibly helpful for professors who use power points for lecture. With the Surface you're able to have the powerpoint open and write any additional notes write on the slide. For me this gives the benefit of actually writing the notes out (I learn best by writing and not typing) but also the benefit of having your notes digital. You may want to look into the Surface Book as it has the best of both the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop.