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  1. Martini_02

    FSW Spring 2018

    Thank you Camerella116!
  2. Martini_02

    FSW Spring 2018

    Hey guys I took the TEAS on Wednesday and got a 70. I know the application deadline is on October 15, do you guys thing October 11 is too late to take it??? I want enough time to study so I can hopefully get at least an 80.
  3. Martini_02

    FSW Spring 2018

    Hey kmm0425! I took him for the summer semester and the class was a breeze! He makes Anatomy 2 easy to understand and he only teaches you what you absolutely need to know. He's doctor so he definitely knows what we will see and not see when we start out careers í ½í¸Š Make sure you write everything he writes on the board because it will be beneficial to you.