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  1. Hi I am a junior at a top tier university majoring in music and minoring chemistry. I have a GPA of about 3.3 and will most likely be closer to 3.5 upon graduation. My GPA is low due to my C+s in Organic Chemistry and Physics and the fact that i missed a month of school sophomore year because of an ovarian tumor that i had surgery for causing me to get a lot of Bs. But Ive received mostly As and Bs in my prereqs, have a lot of volunteering, have been published for lung cancer research, and am a nationally certified phlebotomist. Im think of applying mainly to private schools but Im wondering if I even have a chance to get into schools like Yale or NYU due to my low GPA? I havent taken the GRE yet but will this summer. Any advice from current students or applicant is greatly appreciated!