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  1. Yuliya.M

    What do you wish you knew before becoming a CRNA?

    Thank you for sharing this information!
  2. Yuliya.M

    What do you wish you knew before becoming a CRNA?

    I understand the differences. In NE Ohio there are only CRNA programs which I realize is a MSN. When I said CRNA or DNAP I meant I wasn't sure if I would do a masters or doctorate program. Not all states require a doctorate yet but I heard this is likely to change in a few years.
  3. Yuliya.M

    How much do you make as a tech?

    Cleveland, OH. $14 with no prior experience.
  4. After doing a lot of thinking and some shadowing I decided that I would like to be a CRNA or DNAP. I'm about to start my BSN program in the fall and was wondering what I can do to better prepare myself for when I start anesthesia school. I'll have my summers off while I'm in the program so if needed what are some classes that I could take to prepare myself? I already took inorganic and organic chemistry, A&P 1 and 2, and microbiology. I got an A in microbiology and a B in the rest. Should I try retaking some courses and try to get an A in order to raise my science GPA? Any advice or recommendations are appreciated.