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  1. TraviesaRN

    Northern Remote to ED?

    Ehhhh it just depends, I have worked in about 5 ER's. Level 1 Trauma Center, busiest one in my state. Level 2 Trauma center and it was the only trauma center in that state. Small community hospitals as well. It is true that a LOT of the stuff that comes in can be seen in primary care or urgent care centers. But I would be hard pressed to say it's near those numbers your manager gave you. That said I do not think if you are already working in the ER that moving to Surgical before going back to ER (if moving) is what you need to do. The ED is just a different type of nursing and a different world. The thinking is different, the protocols are different, the skills used can be a lot different. When you go to a bigger ED explain to them the stuff you have done and learned and typically saw in your ED and they should be willing to cater your orientation to that. While my trauma centers did get all the traumas and that in itself is always exciting, most of your flow of patients even in trauma centers are not going to be trauma patients. They are mostly going to be sick. Can one of the smaller community hospitals I worked at (36 bed ED with 8 hall beds) is where I learned the most. I constantly took care of critically sick patients. I did CPR on average 3-5x a week. Big ER's tend to have zones and you rotate zones, if your in trauma that day then you could spend your day getting all trauma patients, or if you're in fast track you could be doing primary care, urgent care stuff. But you get rotated around typically.
  2. TraviesaRN

    Any ED nurses looking for a job?

    What part of Oregon? I mean it's nothing I can even do right now but I think someday I might make it back to the PNW. I have very little family left that I keep in touch with but the ones I do all live in Oregon.
  3. TraviesaRN

    Manipulating Glucometer?

    That's why I was asking if it was common for this patient, because I have seen many long term chronic diabetics come into the ER altered and symptomatic with low BGL. I think the lowest I saw that wasn't symptomatic was in the mid 30's. I don't usually get nervous or show worry at work but in my work setting a 26 would be getting more than some glucose gel. Then again we probably wouldn't be getting a pt for sugar that low if they weren't symptomatic so that's probably why it's rare for me to see. That's why I am always curious to read the variances in places.
  4. TraviesaRN

    Unreasonable requests

    Ugh we get the chairs a lot in the ER too. One of my facilities had a notice of 2 chairs per room so everyone can have visitors, so thankfully we could fall back on that. If we weren't over crowded in the ED and had empty rooms and it was a nice respectful family, I would bend the rules sometimes. I will bend over backwards for great patients and families.
  5. TraviesaRN

    Manipulating Glucometer?

    Is it common for this lady to have a BGL of 26 and not be symptomatic? Just curious as that is what stood out the most to me when I read this. That a 26 doesn't seem to be a big deal. You also said it was done twice which means she would have had to dilute it twice without your knowledge but that you also compared it again the facility one. (not exactly sure what you were meaning there, like if you used another machine and got the same result?)
  6. That's why I said I understand the reasoning, my first job they talked about in orientation how expensive it is to train a new grad and told us on average how much it costs. So I get it. I just had never heard of contracts for new grads being required until a few years ago at one of the hospitals I was working at. One of the new grads was complaining about being stuck in her contract and when we got to talking about it she was telling me how the hospitals end of the deal was her having a job. I had never heard of it prior. The same hospital is the one I had a contract at (not as a new grad) and only one I will ever do. But I got a 10,000 sign on bonus and 5,000 moving expenses that included a month in an all inclusive extended stay hotel that was really nice. I can definitely understand the hospitals motives for it though.
  7. TraviesaRN

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    As many have said, working travel it's doable, especially if you really learn how to make the most of being a travel nurse. When I did my first assignment I was a fool and barely made ends meet. But I got smart real quick on how to pocket most of that money. Also working PRN at a hospital that pays good PRN wages it's doable. I was working at one hospital that doesn't pay well even though it's a higher cost area. They say it's on the beach and a big tourist spot so the perks of where you live should be enough. Yea that's a negative. They did have amazing health care premiums though and still did pensions. Anyway was talking to a few nurses there that were going to PRN positions so they had the schedule flexibility and I mentioned at least it will be higher pay as well. They both stated they weren't getting a pay increase. I was like WHAT??? The hospital told them the perk to PRN was they got to pick when they worked. But it didn't pay any different. Crazy!!! As far as the poster that was asking about working two FT jobs as a new grad. Not gonna happen. Well I would say 99% not going to happen as a new grad. As the newbie you're not going to be able to go in making schedule demands at not just one but two places and neither one will go for you being in dual new grad residency programs. That said when you are done as a new grad it is possible if you have self scheduling. I did in fact do this for 2 months because I was leaving one full time job and starting another and the way it worked out I was going to be committed to both for 2 months. I also had a PRN job. I was crazy. My plan was to have one Full Time and one PRN. Anyway although it's doable you need to consider a few things such as there is no leeway for missing days because between the 2 jobs you're committed to 6 days already. There will end up being conflicts and it's not lucrative money wise because you have to do you 40 before getting your OT. If you're wanting the most lucrative way to work 2 jobs (not considering traveling but just as a staff nurse and baring you need the healthcare and stuff) do 1 full time and a good paying PRN staff job or PRN local travel job. We have a few local places that are PRN travel that pay 46 p/h Just my thoughts.
  8. TraviesaRN

    Making 100k salary/ income?

    This just made me laugh out loud, because I actually have said those exact words. But not on my death bed. More like after getting home and dealing with WW3 between the kids. :p
  9. TraviesaRN

    Unreasonable requests

    Your first scenario, if the family was adamant about the tests I would have called too. If the Doctor would have proceeded to yell at me, we would have had a conversation about that so he was aware that it was not OK to talk to me like that. A lot of the unreasonable requests such as your bed scenario, a lot of times patients just want their grievances to be acknowledged. The bed being uncomfortable is probably one of the most common complaints in an ER. I am very real with my patients. I will tell them "I hear you, the beds are very uncomfortable, I remember first hand. Unfortunately the nature of the ER is we have to be prepared for anything, so we have smaller beds and they aren't very comfortable, they are made for efficiency not for comfort. Trust me, if something were to happen and you needed CPR or to be rushed to a scan or another room, these are the beds that will ensure we can treat you promptly and efficiently.It sucks I know, especially when you're stuck down here for a long time. But hopefully you can understand why. Maybe I can try and find an extra pillow to help." When I do things like that, keep it real and keep it honest but acknowledge their grievance, I very rarely have anymore problems. I can honestly say that I have always had a good rapport with 97% of my patients and their families or been able to change things around if they had gotten ugly. And I can assure you it's not because I kiss rear ends or cater to them. I just know what it's like to be on the other side and I feel it helps me to be better nurse because of it. I think the way we handle the situations and our attitudes determine a lot of how our shift will go and the demeanor of our patients. Not always though, sometime I just have to stand there with my WTF face and will say "Seriously???" and walk away.
  10. TraviesaRN

    Will green skin hurt my career?

    The Kermit Memes are all the rage though now so maybe it was good it was bumped back up. #thisteatho
  11. TraviesaRN

    Does New Grad Experience count as job experience?

    If you are working as a RN, then yes it counts as nursing experience.
  12. TraviesaRN

    Help! New Grad RN Looking for Work in Bremerton/Silverdale, WA

    I just wanted to comment because that area is where I would call home. Lived there for 10 years, had 2 children at the naval hospital and one at Harrison in Silverdale. I lived in Port Orchard and did pre reqs for nursing at Olympic CC. Graduated HS in Silverdale. It's such a beautiful area and I miss it all that time. Anyway, you might have better luck as a new grad working in Tacoma. You'll have a commute. The Naval Hospital from my understanding will require BSN. It could have changed. Some places also give preference to military and military spouses, especially in a huge military town. Anyway congrats on getting you RN and in your move.
  13. TraviesaRN

    What specialties are you interested in..

    I have primarily done ER/Trauma and I love it but I also feel like I peeked there. I am going back to work towards becoming an NP and as a NP I think I would like ICU or Trauma. As a floor nurse I didn't want to do ICU but on the provider end I think I would enjoy it and have been told I would be go at it. Yet as a provider I don't think I would enjoy ER as much as I did as a floor nurse. I am also considering Mental Health as a NP. NP will be a long way down the road but it's my 5 year plan.
  14. TraviesaRN

    Administration of PRN narcs too close to scheduled meds??

    Make sure to ask if your facility has a specific policy regarding this. I have worked at two hospitals that did and their policy's were both very different. So always best to check so you don't end up in trouble. I have generally always followed it the way the others suggested.
  15. TraviesaRN

    Do you think nurses get special treatment?

  16. TraviesaRN

    Do you think nurses get special treatment?

    I do, like really bad. I have been trying really hard this year to work on it. Especially after my last ticket. Definitely didn't get out of that one. :| I travel a ton too though all over the country so I am driving a lot.