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  1. Has anyone had any issues with rudeness when giving urine?

    I just want to clarify because I think the long windedness (is that even a word?) of my post might have came off confusing, I have never had to do the observed. It's required by my state and is a very detailed observation. But I qualified for an exem...
  2. Northern Remote to ED?

    Ehhhh it just depends, I have worked in about 5 ER's. Level 1 Trauma Center, busiest one in my state. Level 2 Trauma center and it was the only trauma center in that state. Small community hospitals as well. It is true that a LOT of the stuff that co...
  3. Any ED nurses looking for a job?

    What part of Oregon? I mean it's nothing I can even do right now but I think someday I might make it back to the PNW. I have very little family left that I keep in touch with but the ones I do all live in Oregon.
  4. Manipulating Glucometer?

    That's why I was asking if it was common for this patient, because I have seen many long term chronic diabetics come into the ER altered and symptomatic with low BGL. I think the lowest I saw that wasn't symptomatic was in the mid 30's. I don't usual...
  5. Unreasonable requests

    Ugh we get the chairs a lot in the ER too. One of my facilities had a notice of 2 chairs per room so everyone can have visitors, so thankfully we could fall back on that. If we weren't over crowded in the ED and had empty rooms and it was a nice resp...
  6. Manipulating Glucometer?

    Is it common for this lady to have a BGL of 26 and not be symptomatic? Just curious as that is what stood out the most to me when I read this. That a 26 doesn't seem to be a big deal. You also said it was done twice which means she would have had to ...
  7. That's why I said I understand the reasoning, my first job they talked about in orientation how expensive it is to train a new grad and told us on average how much it costs. So I get it. I just had never heard of contracts for new grads being require...
  8. Making 100k salary/ income?

    As many have said, working travel it's doable, especially if you really learn how to make the most of being a travel nurse. When I did my first assignment I was a fool and barely made ends meet. But I got smart real quick on how to pocket most of tha...
  9. Making 100k salary/ income?

    This just made me laugh out loud, because I actually have said those exact words. But not on my death bed. More like after getting home and dealing with WW3 between the kids. :p
  10. Unreasonable requests

    Your first scenario, if the family was adamant about the tests I would have called too. If the Doctor would have proceeded to yell at me, we would have had a conversation about that so he was aware that it was not OK to talk to me like that. A lot o...
  11. Will green skin hurt my career?

    The Kermit Memes are all the rage though now so maybe it was good it was bumped back up. #thisteatho
  12. Does New Grad Experience count as job experience?

    If you are working as a RN, then yes it counts as nursing experience.
  13. Help! New Grad RN Looking for Work in Bremerton/Silverdale, WA

    I just wanted to comment because that area is where I would call home. Lived there for 10 years, had 2 children at the naval hospital and one at Harrison in Silverdale. I lived in Port Orchard and did pre reqs for nursing at Olympic CC. Graduated HS ...
  14. What specialties are you interested in..

    I have primarily done ER/Trauma and I love it but I also feel like I peeked there. I am going back to work towards becoming an NP and as a NP I think I would like ICU or Trauma. As a floor nurse I didn't want to do ICU but on the provider end I think...
  15. Administration of PRN narcs too close to scheduled meds??

    Make sure to ask if your facility has a specific policy regarding this. I have worked at two hospitals that did and their policy's were both very different. So always best to check so you don't end up in trouble. I have generally always followed it t...