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    BSN to PSYCH DNP, On or Offline

    Hello All, Not sure if this has been covered. I am a BSN student presently about to wrap up in the fall. I am looking to go right into a DNP (or MSN, but preferably DNP) program following my completion this December. I was wondering if anyone had a list of DNP/MSN programs still offering the psychiatric mental health Nursing track. I am in New Jersey. I know Rutgers offers one but its in newark and its a bit of a commute to do that one. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other NJ schools offering a Psych mental health track. As for Online; I would want to do online part-time but one place I found requires the DNP program be full time (I believe it was New Mexico) Part time was only available I think for MSN to DNP or BSN to MSN not sure. I am thinking the DNP would be my best route since there have been so many rumors of changing legislation however I tend to think they wouldnt require a mid-level practitioner to get a doctorate because it sort of defeats the purpose of having mid-level practitioners... anyway. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thank you in advance! -Nurse Nick