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  1. LOCOlovesGRAY

    CHLA September 2017

    ahh! I just got a call from the ED for my first interview! They asked me to come in but i'm out of state for school so I'm doing a phone interview! So excited!! I really gave up all hope because it was taking forever to hear back but I got a call! Did anyone else here apply for the ED??
  2. LOCOlovesGRAY

    CHLA September 2017

    I applied to the ED but haven't heard anything back
  3. LOCOlovesGRAY

    CHLA September 2017

    Has anyone heard anything yet? Last years applicants got calls right around this time so I'm thinking sometime next week?!? Good luck everyone!
  4. LOCOlovesGRAY

    University of Rochester ABPNN 2017

    Hi! long story short - yes Clinicals are in long term care, peds, OB, psych, medicine, surgery, capstone. peds has 2 offsite days where you can request a specialty: PICU, NICU, ED, OR, etc... Med/Surg also has 2 off site days: multiple sites including ED during your first semester you do long-term care and Acute Care including: cardiac & neuro - maybe some others? you could also try to get a critical care/ED position for your capstone. can't tell you about capstone because I haven't started - but essentially you are like a new nurse that is being oriented - you can do everything under supervision except IV placement, blood draw, IV push... I think that may be it? This is a great program and they try their best to provide you with the most experience possible. Congrats on those that got in! Let me know if you need books! :)
  5. LOCOlovesGRAY

    CHLA September 2017

    I applied for the ED! Hoping to hear back soon but not expecting anything till mid-April May? Good luck to everyone! I've been reading a lot of good things about the program!