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  1. canchaser1990

    New grad: oncology, ICU or cardiac

    Thank you! I interviewed for a position on oncology and think it went very well. I also had another interview for a position at another hospital but am leaning heavily toward the oncology position.
  2. canchaser1990

    New grad: oncology, ICU or cardiac

    Just to update in case anyone was wondering, I have an interview for the oncology floor. :)
  3. canchaser1990

    New grad: oncology, ICU or cardiac

    Hi everyone! I will be graduating from an ADN program next month and have started job my job hunt. I graduated with a bachelors in corporate finance back in 2011 when the economy was terrible, so I figured I'd start a little early this time. A local hospital offers a new grad program to RNs and they allow you to pick the top 3 floors you'd like to work on. I'm between oncology, ICU and cardiac tele. I like the oncology because I'd be interested in working in an outpatient infusion center or doing home infusion later. I plan on doing an rn-msn program in the next year or two and would possibly like to move into an administration role down the road because of my business background. With all that said, I feel like ICU or cardiac tele may provide better experience and transfer to other units easier if I decide to go that route. I'd love to get advice from you nursing veterans. What floors would you recommend given my career plans. Is there anything you learned the hard way in terms of career moves and job selection or things you wish you'd have done differently?