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  1. Kroth0930

    Salary Negotiation Ortho Hospitalist APRN

    Penniv, Thank you for your response. I was thinking that $120k was my number. What is my defense though? I was trying to find some literature or surveys with salaries. I was also thinking of stating that surgeons will be freed up to bring in more money with me doing the non surgical aspects. Are you an Ortho APRN?
  2. Kroth0930

    Salary Negotiation Ortho Hospitalist APRN

    Hi, I have just been offered an Ortho Hospitalist Position and am going to be meeting this week to get the salary, benefits, ect this week. I need to be prepared for negotiations, but I can not find any data on salaries. This position is through a very large Ortho private practice. The practice does all the Ortho for the hospital in addition to having their own day surgery, clinic, and office( they are now building an additional 20k sqft surgical center and office attached to the existing building). There is one NP already doing the position I was offered and I will be the second. We do all the Ortho consults, round, and follow ups. I have been offered an FNP position at a family practice for $95k. I also have an NP on my floor where I work as an RN that is a new grad Cardio Hospitalist and she started at $130k with no nursing or cardio experience. I live in New England and he hospital I will be working in is a fairly large hospital. Any info on salaries, opinions, or experiences would be appreciated. Thank you!