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  1. Oh my where do I begin. I passed NCLEX back in October- I didn't know what was happening with my license number well into December. Finally around Christmas I got a hold of someone at the Illinois BON and they told me my # was being help because they wanted info about and underage drinking charge I had well over 10 years ago. The man on the phone told me exactly what I needed to do and where to send it. During the time I was obtaining the documents which took forever, a friend told me to work at a nursing home license pending so I did. Working two weeks I was working as an RN and moved into a house with my kids. The state supposedly sent me the deficiency letter during this time but between work and moving I never received it. In February I received the information from the county I got arrested in those years ago and in early march I drove three hours to deliver it to the BON personally....once they posted my license however they dated it to the day I arrived in springfeild and not the date I originally applied for the license. My employer informed me this was a problem cause the. For 4 weeks I was technically working without a license. I'm freaking out. I called the state naturally to inquire why they did that and they told me that I was technically prohibited from practicing all together during this!!!!! I didn't know!!!! Honest to God didn't know! I told my employer and they didnt fire me but reported everything to corporate and told me to sit tight that my future with the company was on their hands. My DON if fighting for me to stay as I'm a great nurse. She gave me a number to the manager of the BON here in Illinois but I'm not even sure I should reach out. I should've gotten the letter which clearly states I should've never got a job. The guy on the phone that told me all of this to begin with didn't even tell me! That's a pretty big part to leave out don't you think?! Idk guys. You think I should reach out to the state or is that like telling on myself and not worth it? I already have other job offers but really want to stay where I am