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  1. nursej01

    Travel nursing info

    I am currently in a BSN program set to graduate in Dec 2018. I know that I want to be a travel nurse and I have heard that I need at least 1-2 years of experience first. Is there anything I can do while I am in school to help my resume? Is there a specialty that is best for travel nursing? Is there anything I should know that will help me prepare? When should I contact agencies? Thanks!
  2. nursej01

    Navy nursing and NCP info

    I started the NCP process and I feel like I always hear conflicting information. If anyone has any insight into Navy nursing and the NCP program please let me know. Thanks! I went to MEPS and still need a doctors note for something but I don't think it will be a big deal. Now I just wait... How long does the process usually take? Can I request a hospital overseas after graduation? (I heard they only send new grads to one of the big 3, but I also heard you can go out of the U.S.) Do you have any personal stories about being a Navy nurse or a student in the NCP? (good and bad!) I need to make sure that I am commissioning and not enlisting? (double check paperwork etc.?) How is the process to get my Masters after? Do I need to wait so many years to go back to school? Any info and tips would be a big help. Thank you!!