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  1. untouchable27

    Chandler-Gilbert On Probation

    I am currently attending CGCC block 2 and the problems mentioned in the above document are no longer a problem with the program. Most of the problems were regarding the administration, and I believe the instructor that was mentioned in the document has been gone for the last two years. We had a meeting with one of the members of the nursing board in Febuary and they reassured all of the students if for some reason the school failed the probation period that the program is still certified by the board of nursing. I have loved all of my clinical instructors, and lab instructors. Lecture is lecture, tons of information, and can be boring at sometimes, but the instructors have been improving on it by having the students actively participating in the lecture. Overall I am satisfied with the program, nursing school is stressful because of the sheer amount of information you have to try and retain. If you have any questions about what I have gone through with the program feel free to message me. I will recommend buying the NCLEX and Nursing Fundamentals book from amazon, because it has been one of the best sources of information outside of the textbooks and helps with the exams at least at CGCC.
  2. untouchable27

    Paying for Nursing school but have a mortgage

    Owning a house really isn't any different than if you were renting an apartment where I live. I actually pay relatively less money on my home than I would for a two bedroom apartment. So I guess the better question would be how do people afford to live outside their parents house and have a family while returning to school. As for the planning, we have planned on me returning to school, but we never have been able to hammer out the financial side of things regarding student loans etc.
  3. So I am looking for advice, because I am at a loss as to what to do. I was accepted to the Maricopa community college CEP program through ASU for the Fall 2017 semester. With that said I am unsure of what the class load will look like so I don't know how much I will be able to work while attending the program. I have a wife and a newborn child, as well as a mortgage to pay. My wife makes about 16 dollars an hour at the local hospital. I am currently making about 30k a year but won't be able to keep my current job due to the time restrictions with school in the fall. I am considering getting hired on at a local hospital but I doubt I will be paid the same amount. My mortgage is currently 1258 a month, on top of food, electricity, water, etc. If I was able to work part time how much of a student loan should I take out? Does any one else have this kind of a problem?