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  1. Is anyone planning to apply in to the hybrid tcat at McMinnville starting January 2020?
  2. Ravendc97

    Tcat or Motlow??

    So I have been accepted as a student at Motlow. I am supposed to register to start taking general Ed and pre reqs to apply to the nursing program in the fall. It’s been a few years since I have been once school. I’m also a working mother of a 3 yr old. By the time I started and applied into nursing and completed the program (if I even get in) it will take over 3 yrs. because of this, I am also considering Lpn program at the TCAT since it is only a yr, then going back for my RN at a later date. I am looking for experiences on each program to help make this descion a little easier. Thanks in advance!
  3. Any one recently graduate or currently attend the hybrid LPN program at tcat in mcminnville? Please share your experiences and tips of info. Hoping to get accepted in the Jan 2018 classes :)
  4. Thank you! I called and talked to them today. Can I register for these online at home or do I need to do it at the school?
  5. I really hope I can get in. I would like to do the actual on campus bc I believe it would be easier but I do have a family so I have to work. Do you know who it stared off so many and went down to only 9?
  6. other than the self learning, do you like it? What is the schedule like?
  7. Do you need your transcripts before you can enroll in a&p and the dosage classes? I know you have to have them to be accepted in the nursing program but bc I finished my senior yr at pennfoster online highschool they are saying I can't request a copy of my transcripts until April 6th I don't know that they would be back until the deadline for enrolling wasn't up.
  8. Hi ladies! I am hoping to start the program in jan 2018. was there a long waiting list to get in?