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    bath labs?

    Has anyone else had to go through this? On our syllabus theres instructions to bring toiletries and towels because we will be bathing each other and brushing each other's teeth, and also demonstrating perineal & hand and foot care. to be quite honest i am horrified lol,i just assumed we would be practicing on mannequins.... i dont know what to think.
  2. Thanks everyone. I guess I needed to vent and get my worries out more than anything lol. Everything did eventually go well and I am officially class of 2018! Thanks so much for listening.
  3. Hello everyone- I apologize but this might be a bit long- this is a public technical school, for reference. I started with the process with applying to lpn school back in early march when registrations first started for tomorrows class( April 27). They didnt call me back for the PN orientation until April 18th, less than a week before class is supposed to start. During that orientation the nurse dept chair basically said sarcastically if any of us were trying to get into Aprils class that would be a fat chance..since it would be difficult to get everything done in that time(fingerprinting..background..drug testing..ppd..etc) never mind that it was them who waited until a week before class to give up any information or docs to register. I was able to get everything done on time by the skin of my teeth and was told to wait for a phone call. The day before class is to start (today) i get the phone call from the dept chair herself at 1:30, that i was accepted and to come to the school before 2:30 before everything closes. I live a good distance from the school but was able to make it by 2:10. When I get there mostly everyone has went home, and the secretary is treating me like why am i even there, that i was too late. she told me i shouldnt have waited until the last minute to get things done that they accepted past their cap maximum and everyone wont be allowed in class When I told her the nursing chair called me to accept me, I was told that my option is to come to school around 6:30am, (class starts at 7am)wait on standby and hope that someone else didnt show up so I might be able to register. The fact that ill most likely miss the first day of class, and be out of uniform,mostly due to their disorganization, would count against me on my record, but she assured me that i have a certain amount of absences im allowed per semester and that i can use one. I honestly feel like im getting the short end of the stick here. I really wanted to begin in April, but I just have an extremely negative feeling about this school before even stepping foot in a classroom. I feel like waiting for the August class at another public tech school, but on the other hand thats 4 months away, im already nearly into my mid twenties and i wanted to get started on a career sooner. what would you do?