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  1. I am kinda sad that this post had over 200 views and no one commented yet. My advice to you is try not to let one day set the tone for the rest of your journey. We all have our bad days, and there will always be patients that are harder to connect...
  2. The Most Essential Anatomy and Physiology to Know?

    Best thing to do right now is to relax and enjoy as much downtime as you can before you start the program. But, if you are one of those who needs to do something to feel prepared, get on YouTube. Watch fluid and electrolyte videos, really knowing t...
  3. Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

    I got my letter today!! I am so excited for fall!!!!!
  4. Anxiously waiting for the acceptance bus

    I am anxiously waiting myself! We had a March 1st deadline, and was told that we would know something by mid April. I am going nuts waiting. My school goes by points, they add up everyones points, find the highest, then select the top 30 from there....
  5. I think it helps to have 1&2 completed before entering Micro, because all three classes build on each other. For example, my micro instructor pretty much skipped the teaching of the Krebs cycle in detail, because it was covered in A&P. It wa...
  6. CSCC ADN awaiting admission

    Im waiting for my letter for fall, but not at Columbus.