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    Nursing Job Change: Jump Ship or Sit Tight? 5 Things to Consider

    Agree with not changing too soon, but believe change and diversity increases an RNs value in the workplace. Read long ago that changing positions every 5 yrs or so allows for becoming an expert in your field but decreases the chance for burnout. Have seen many a burned out RN longing to break out, but unable to due to lack of a diverse nursing background. Very dangerous place to be in my opinion. Have enjoyed varied roles in my 25 yr nursing career, from the OR, to Charge to Case mgr,etc.. Easy, no, required going back to school at age 50 and re-learning many skills along with extensive testing to land my current role as a CDS. This role allows me to apply all my nursing skills/knowledge reviewing documentation and provide physician education. Did I mention, I work from home, and found the job that will carry me to retirement? Never would have landed it without a diverse nursing background.