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    RE-taking CNA Class

    Hi there, I am a pre-nursing student who has taken Psychology, Human Development, Microbiology, and am about to take Nutrition or A&P. The thing is, I passed my CNA computer exam with flying colors, but failed my Skills assessment -- I've never failed any test in my entire life, am typically an A- student, and it makes me feel that I'm a different type of learner, or wasn't provided enough time to practice to get the skills down by heart. My question is, if I do need more help, more actual practice, not video-watching, how can I make this happen? Like we were learning blood pressure on actual, not digital cuffs, which I never learned how to use. We were also told to memorize all of the supplied we needed, and I was sure I didn't know that. We were not allowed to video our instructor telling us how to specifically do each move, and then also told that online videos were from other states and would not help us pass our exam. I wasn't the only who failed, and I feel like the class could've been twice as long. I was barely beginning to understand what and why we were doing what we were doing. We practiced on mannequins and then part of the test were on life humans. We never practiced the vast majority of our skills like ROM, bed bath, back massage, and the focal point of our clinicals seemed to involve figuring out how to get a 101 yo woman bundled in such a way that we could attach her to a machine and swing her into her wheelchair. The people at the nursing home didn't make conservation and were barely conscious. Working on them was a bit depressing and didn't make me want to be a CNA anyway, but it is a required prerequisite for my nursing programme. Can someone give me some motivation//inspiration regarding CNA skills? They are not entirely unlike midwifery skills, which what I actually want to practice, but I wish I could do them on a different population. Thoughts? Better ways to Study? I have to be successful this time if I pay enough money to re-take CNA class for the Skills component. Thanks!
  2. I am a pre-nursing student and, I just look at it in terms of sensitivity. We are more sensitive to stress, if we have any type of mental health issue. I don't believe in "mental illness", that is a catch-all phrase used to put people down, like "witch". Don't use it for yourself unless you are trying to dis-empower yourself. My doctor, who is an ARNP with a doctorate, told me she thinks I can do it if I want to do nursing school and more schooling. She has been through all of the same things as me. Personally, I am choosing nursing for flexiblity -- you can get there in stages, you can get advanced schooling in stages, you can work full-time or part-time, and I know I can be successful personally as long as I can do whatever I want part-time, for work/life balance. Don't give in to labels, do acknowledge your limits and/or sensitivities, need for sleep hygeine, etc, and don't take shifts that would conflict with that or anything which will unbalance your life. that's my two cents

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