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  1. perl4eva

    breaking your RN New Grad contract early

    I was just contemplating this. I do not think there is anything wrong with breaking a contract because you are not a slave. However, be prepared for the consequences. I do know nurses that sign the contract knowing full well they plan to break it once personal goals are met and have the money ready to pay. I have heard some report that the hospital does not always pursue the money. I personally would not sigh a contract I could not afford to break.
  2. perl4eva

    RN that Graduated from non accredited

    I ended up transferring into an accredited program and completed 6 months. I tested out and they gave me a diploma. I did not need to retest for the NCLEX, then I complete a RN to BSN program. Currently looking for a job and have many options. When there is a will there will be a way :)
  3. perl4eva

    RN that Graduated from non accredited

    Thanks. I live in Florida and Barry University will except me into their RN to BSN program with testing. Wish me luck
  4. I graduated from non accredited RN program and am finding very limited to pretty much no employment opportunities. Is there anyway to test out of an accredited program?
  5. perl4eva

    South University RN to BSN

    Thank you for this. Was trying to look up their program and even that was difficult. I went there once and was turned off, but now with my RN license I was looking at their RN -bsn program. Seems like it's not worth the trouble
  6. perl4eva

    Barry University Rn-bsn

    Yes, I'm applying right now and they said i have to take an entrance exam. However, i was warned that they may be changing that policy soon. The program is also not too expensive and I'm just happy to get the chance. No other school in the area will take my degree:( i got scammed so bad, even struggling to get a hospital job.